Marketing Team

When you partner with McAuliffe and ForeSite Residential Real Estate, you’re instantly connected to a team of experts led by seasoned real estate professionals who can help your company efficiently launch a new community or sell its  inventory.

TOC View From WaterWe’ve refined our combined experience to create success for builders, developers, and banks during both the boom years and during challenging economic times. We bring an intimate perspective to this industry, enabling us to freely adapt to changing economies, buyers and trends.

Your marketing and sales goals require a customized approach. As our client-partner, we’ll help you customize a plan that can include many of the following services:

Sales Management

  • Professional full-time sales management and administration
  • Recruitment and retention of sales champions
  • Education, training and motivation of winning professionals
  • Timely and meaningful reports tailored to your needs
  • Project and model merchandising targeted to your buyer profile
  • Mortgage processing and closing

Marketing Management

  • Right-pricing and phasing within realistic time frames
  • Ongoing inventory and pricing monitoring and management
  • Strategic project positioning
  • Maximized traffic-to-sales-conversion ratios
  • Seamless conversion of lessees into buyers
  • Program launch and implementation
  • Well-targeted planning and execution of campaigns, collateral and events
  • Tactical sales-office staging
  • Scrupulous budget management—spending only as necessary, never “just because we have it”
  • Comprehensive media management, including new social media channels

sp-resort-and-residence_final-aerial_april-20081.jpgTo sell your property quickly and profitably requires a customized strategy. Our experience and portfolio of proven methods, processes and resources allow us to quickly zero in on your needs, cut through distractions, and save you time and money. More important, our ability to quickly change course in an unpredictable market delivers results when others are sidelined.

Whether you’re a homebuilder, real estate developer, banker, small property owner, syndicate partner or urban planner with a new project on the drawing boards, you know that your time and efforts are much better spent tending to your own area of expertise. Let us navigate the intricacies of marketing and sales, uncertain economies, new regulations, and ever-changing consumer preferences—so you can focus on designing, building, lending or creating new opportunities.




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