Cast the Old Rules of Selling Aside

The recession challenged many long-held rules about how to boost sales. Instead of slashing prices and cutting customer service, try these counterintuitive tactics:

  • Don’t always hire the hotshots. You want salespeople who can thrive in a team environment. Skip over the superstar who always hits top results. Chances are that person doesn’t cooperate with others and is too set in their ways.
  • Invest in customer support. Because the next level of new revenue often comes from referals, redouble your focus on after-sale service and customer support. This will keep customers happy and ensure they not only come back for more, but pass along their positive experience to their friends.
  • Hold the line on prices. Don’t give your product away. You should compete with service, quality, and uniqueness, value added, not the depth of your discounts.

Inspired by Harvard Business Review’s article, Four Secrets to Selling More 


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