Strategic Thinking in a Brave New World

Taking one idea and repurposing it for all of the new and traditional advertising platforms is not the way to market your product.

The answer has to be the strategy, and in order for strategy to be the beacon, a few things have to happen:

  1. The business strategy needs to be realistic and achievable and the resources assigned to execute upon it need to be on par as well.
  2. The advertiser needs to be able to clearly state and share its business strategy with all of the stakeholders who will be responsible for executing it.
  3. All stakeholders need to understand how the success of this strategy will be measured in the eyes of the advertiser in precise terms.
  4. All players need to come together to understand, acknowledge collaborate upon, and respect the strategy. This means the advertiser and its internal team plus its traditional, digital and PR agency partners and technical developers. In an ideal circumstance, all of these players would be willing to forfeit some of their slice of pie in order for the overarching strategy to benefit. This is called doing the right thing, by the way.
  5. Testing new ideas should be built into this process, but the test should also come with its own goals, objectives and measurements.
  6. Regular review periods need to be built into the term so that the impact of the efforts can be compared against the business objectives and adjustments can be made as needed.
  7. The advertiser has to be committed to its own business strategy, objectives and metrics – expecting to achieve results when the target constantly changes just sets everyone up for failure. If the strategy is failing, however, don’t take the ship down just to protect the strategy. In other words, be committed but know when to cut your losses and re-group, too.

For the digital media planner, this brave new world means never sitting back on your laurels. Past experience is not necessarily a predictor of future behavior in this ever-changing world.

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2 thoughts on “Strategic Thinking in a Brave New World

  1. Hey Steve and Thomas,

    Sorry but I have to disagree with you here.

    I know we are in different business models but the reason repurposing your content works is because not everyone enjoys seeing your content in writing.

    Some prefer videos, some prefer audios and some prefer the written word. Do you want everyone to see what it is that you’re sharing? Then you need to spread it all over the web in different formats so that your target audience will see it in some form or fashion.

    That’s just my two cents worth and I know for a fact these methods clearly work for me.



    1. Thanks Adrienne. I totally agree with you.

      My take is that the repurposing mentioned in this post is directed to those people who are simply taking the same tired ideas they’ve used in the past and trying to make them work in the present, by blasting them out over the web ignorant of the changing market and the media channels being used.

      It’s a matter of dealing in the now, with an eye toward the future… not resting on your laurels.



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