Stop & Control Email Overload

Do you have thousands of messages in your inbox, and receive hundreds more every day? Welcome to the club. Instead of being overwhelmed by email, take these steps to regain control:

  • Turn off the spigot. Unsubscribe to irrelevant e-newsletters and turn off Facebook or Twitter notifications. Consider whether colleagues are copying you on too many emails. If so, ask to only be updated with final decisions.
  • Keep a clean inbox. It’s easier to handle incoming messages without clutter staring back at you. Create a new folder called “Old Inbox” and put all your messages in there. Then when new email comes in, sort it right away.
  • Take an occasional break. Disconnect from all things digital once in a while. Take an email sabbatical next time you go on vacation.

Read Full Management Tip here… Amy Gallo is a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review. Follow her on Twitter at @amyegallo.

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