Six NEW Marketing Mandates for 2012 to 2015

The digital revolution transformed how marketers interact with customers. But the transformation isn’t over yet—and we’ve got to be ready for what comes next. Joel Rubinson has peered into the not-too-distant future to identify trends that any successful marketer can profitably exploit. Here are six of those trends.
via Marketing Profs

2 thoughts on “Six NEW Marketing Mandates for 2012 to 2015

  1. Great insights there Steve and I agree with a good bit of them. Not being a large company myself I like seeing some of them stepping up and realizing how important social media is.

    The digital age is upon us and it’s only going to compress even more over time. Sure hope more people jump on the bandwagon before they’re left behind.

    Thanks for the slides, interesting to see what others predict.



  2. Thanks Adrienne!

    The digital age is certainly moving so quickly and in so many directions, it’s hard to stay out in front. Identifying what is relevant to your business and doing it well is what we need to strive for.


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