Does This Kitchen Make My Butt Look Big?

Putting off my intense fitness plan a month, I decided that today’s Ground Hog Day celebration was the perfect time to start.  I’m calling it, “Operation Shadow Shrink.” 

But, I never thought off a Diet Remodel?  Just prior to Phil seeing his shadow this morning, the National Association of Realtors published an article on kitchen makeovers exploring different ways to keep these glamorous/tempting spaces from sabotaging our diets.

So Dieters Beware: Your dream kitchen remodel may be your biggest nightmare. Experts say that big and attractive kitchens contribute to big and unattractive waistlines.

“If a kitchen gets you there and keeps you there, you’re going to increase your consumption,” says Mark Blegen, an associate professor at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, who studies why people eat.

You mean remodeling a small and dreary kitchen into a big and fabulous one is hazardous to our health?

How tempting is your refridgerator? How handy is your storage?

Full article…

  • Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

    When it comes to weight gain, we blame our genes, our metabolism, and wrong foods that taste so right. But maybe our kitchens are to blame. Here’s why. Read

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