QR Codes Are Anything But Fishy… Or Are They??

I’ll be the first to admit my skepticism for QR Codes… but that is quickly changing as I see its potential, and am amazed at the amount of creativity and marketing relevance they exhibit.  David Meerman Scott recently blogged about a company called Trace and Trust, a network of fishermen, distributors, processors and restaurants, that organized a system using QR codes to track individual fish from the ocean right to your plate.

Trace and Trust tells customers exactly who caught their seafood, as well as when, where, and how it got caught. The community believes this level of transparency results in the highest quality and freshest possible seafood you have ever seen.

This service delivers awesomely complete transparency and is also a blast.

Here is a sample of one of  their QR Codes.

If you were sitting at a restaurant, enjoying a meal, you’d be able to scan and learn that Chris Brown landed your Summer Flounder on 10/20/2011 while fishing near Block Island. Captain Chris Brown’s vessel, the F/V Proud Mary, is docked in the harbor in Point Judith, Rhode Island. Wild Rhody shipped 45 pounds of this catch to Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro and 606 Congress.  Place your cursor on the links and you’ll learn more about Chris, his boat, the harbor and the fish.

There’s even a photo of Chris with the fish that you’re about to take a nice bite out of. WOWZA!!

This is an unbelievable example of real-time consumer relevant marketing at work!!

What creative uses have you seen lately??


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