Welcome to our Sales Center–Please Stay Away and Don’t Bother Calling!!

I went to look at a community the other day for two reasons… one to shop the process, and the other to genuinly consider purchasing a condo there.  Pulling up to the entry gate, the guard asked if we had an appointment.  Responding NO, we were told we had to have an appointment and were not allowed entry (not even to drive through the community).  He wouldn’t even call the office or give us the phone number… instead, we were told to turn around and call the number on the sign that was behind us.  OK, we followed his instructions, went to the sign and called… no answer.  We left a message hoping for an appointment the next morning…  never received a return call.

You Are NOT Welcome Here!

This was a community being marketed by a large regional sales and marketing firm… shocking!!!  I counted 10 defining moments within 5 minutes… all negative.

  1. Poor Directionals
  2. Guard’s Greeting (lack thereof)
  3. Guard’s Unwillingness to Help
  4. Guard made it appear that the office was closed
  5. Sales’ Inflexibility
  6. Inability to at least drive through the community
  7. Having to turn around and find telephone #
  8. No Answer at office
  9. No Return telephone Call
  10. Willingness to return–None!!

The guard is obviously the first point of contact… does this sales team realize that they only have one chance to make a first impression?  Is this also how your guests, should you decide to buy, be treated when coming to visit??  I feel bad for the owner of this property…  probably doesn’t have any idea that he could be losing sales.

A sales team isn’t just about the sales associates!   A successful team includes the property manager, warranty department, security company, bankers, property owners and whoever else has a stake in the community’s success.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to our Sales Center–Please Stay Away and Don’t Bother Calling!!

  1. Del Barbray

    Excellent blog post, Steve. One would think that in these challenging times EVERY sales team and individual sales agent would go above and beyond to provide the best sales experience for each prospective buyer, but your own personal experience shared in your blog post proves that this isn’t the case. This is not acceptable behavior and must definitely be changed if this community is going to be successful in my opinion.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you.
    Del Barbray


  2. So true, Steve. I’ve had buyers decide they didn’t want to live in a community because of the gate guard’s attitude. In downtown St Pete condos, the concierge also makes a great difference. For instance, the concierges at both Florencia and Ovation make people want to live there and agents want to show there. A nearby condo creates just the opposite impression.


  3. stevemcauliffe

    Thanks Sharon… great to hear from you. It’s a shame how many companies don’t understand the value of a good front line.


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