Are You Paying Attention???

It’s fun to participate in different discussions on the web.  And at the same time, observe the responses given to the questions/comments being presented.

Pay Attention... Always!!

Recently, I responded to a question regarding the single most important aspect to make yourself successful in sales.  Without elaborating on my 2-word answer, I was both surprised and disappointed with the other posts I read in response to a very simple question.

While there are many good answers, it was amazing how many people didn’t even read (kinda like listen to) the question, and chose to go into lengthy responses touching on a multitude of ideas, only confusing the issue, with the intent of making themselves feel smart.

Makes you wonder how many “sales professionals” are so intent on promoting what they know, rather than listening to the customer’s needs first.

So, Pay Attention!!  How else can your story have a happy ending…???


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