Candice Tells All

How can you not like, appreciate and admire”Divine Design’s” Candice Olson?  Candice has a new HGTV show, “Candice Tells All”  showcasing one principle or design scheme per episode. This short 5 question clip was in the Detroit Free Press a few days ago. 

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a designer?

A:I always knew I wanted to do something in art. And I knew I couldn’t always play volleyball. (Olson was a member of the national women’s volleyball team in Canada.) I have a degree in interior design from Ryerson University here in Toronto. With almost 20 years in the business, I’m really excited about the new show. There is a real thirst for great design that is not only informative but also entertaining.

HGTV's Candice Olson

Q: What defines your sense of style?A:I look foremost to clients. It is their space, their home, their lifestyle. This should be a room that is about them, not me. There has never been a room that somebody doesn’t like. There have been rooms that were not my particular style. I bring sensibility to a more contemporary, casual and livable space.

Q: What are some of your favorite design tricks?

A:Probably not a trick, but overlooked, is lighting. I love using lighting tricks to bring up highlights. When I started (as a designer), I had to take a $30 blouse and with proper lighting make it look like a $300 blouse. I use that in residential design. Take drapes — with the proper lighting, they can look more expensive.

Q: What is the biggest design mistake that homeowners make?

A:A lot of time, people don’t do a reality check. They see something in a magazine that they like. But does it work for your lifestyle?

Q: What do you see as a trend?

A:People are looking for modern contemporary with natural materials. That element of craft brings softness and warmth to contemporary design.


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