Attraction Marketing…

Several months ago, I read a good article on Attraction Marketing, written by a great grandmother (Sandra Essex), who is active in multi-level marketing.  With a few adjustments to her MLM approach, I found that most of the same principles can be applied to our traditional approach.

So… what is Attraction Marketing? Well the strategy revolves around providing our customers with pertinent information. It helps channel our energies and efforts on those who are genuinely interested in our products, while reducing the amount of time wasted on individuals who have no real interest in what we’re promoting.

The more valuable and helpful the information we provide, the greater the chances our customers will form an attraction for us and our product. Consequently, it becomes a matter of when, rather than if, they will purchase what we’re offering.

Attraction Marketing involves starting out with the end in mind. It is a long-term strategy that encompasses everything we have to do now to accomplish our goals. We are relieving any pressure. Rather than feel they’re being sold, buyers perceive us as a helpful friend that’s providing a useful service.

The main idea is to take focus away from “the sale”, and instead create a friendly atmosphere for the customer, whereby every moment spent with them would be about connecting and building a relationship.

The prospect’s experience is very pleasant, allowing them want to stay in contact and develop a relationship with us! Most folks prefer to do business with those who care about their interests and who make the buying process enjoyable. By making our customers a part of the buying process as well as making them feel fulfilled, this strategy creates an underlying feeling of attraction, whereby buyers want to come back for a repeat experience.

And… It’s also cost effective. Attraction Marketing enables us to deal mainly with individuals who are already well-informed about you.

Remember too that each customer has a different level at which they’ll begin to trust that we are reputable and trustworthy. As long as we continue to provide them with quality and value, the trust and sales are sure to follow. Like attracts like. Therefore if we consistently give value for our customers, rest assured that their respect for us will grow.


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