Professional or Amateur? Ask Apolo

I just love the Olympics!! …especially the individual sports (except for Water Polo which is the best sport ever). Such a heartfelt appreciation for the efforts of these young athletes as they seek to better themselves in the chance (focus and skill), they earn a medal. And more importantly, make themselves and nation proud.

Was watching speed skater Apolo Ohno’s qualifying round tonight and how he first observes, then learns about and respects his competition, before going for the “close.”

We can certainly learn from his great strategy.  Are we patient enough to first learn about our guest’s needs? Are we listening? Are we in tune with their body language? Do we have a solution?  Can we win?

When we seek first to understand… we will then be in position to better close the sale.

Good sales professionals don’t have to take the offensive!! They need to give their guests the ice, and the ability to skate through the presentation at their own speed.  But don’t miss the opportunity to make your move and overcome their objections.

Oh, and did I mention… Apolo prepares with 4-two hour workouts per day for a race that comes every 4 years and lasts mere seconds.

Amateurs have passion and continuously strive to continually better themselves!!  Are you committed?

Welcome to the finals… time to close!!  Are you game?


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