Are Your Customers Leaning Forward?

I read an article a few years ago discussing the book, Sisomo: The Future of The Screen

Sight… Sound… Motion.   …about engaging people in visual stories.

When people are in front of a screen, they can either lean back or lean forward!  We have to engage our customers emotionally, tell them a story, so they lean in and get involved. –Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi.

While this narrative dealt primarily with television and the big screen, I have since applied it to the small screen (monitor), mailings, print advertisements, collateral, presentation, etc… virtually every means we have to touch a customer and ask him/her to notice us, lean in and get involved… because it makes such good sense!!

With all the attempts in the market to gain attention, we have to immediately create interest.  Next time you communicate B2B, B2C or Friend to Friend, ask yourself, am I telling an interesting story, is the picture I’m painting colorful, is my voice sincere and reflective.

The story with the most attitude, personality, authenticity and truth will win.


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