Butterflies In Formation

What are we doing with our customers immediately following the signing of a sales agreement?  How are the next 15 to 20 minutes being spent?  How do we keep their excitement peaked and manage any butterflies that may be circling?

  1. Congratulate them–reinforce the decision
  2. Review the construction/move-in schedule
  3. Set Design Coordinator appointments
  4. Discuss their preferred means of communication
  5. Introduce them to others in the company
  6. Encourage them to bring friends–show off the new home
  7. Email digital photographs

Continue to watch and analyze your buyer’s emotions.  Be aware of any signals of discontent or emotional insecurity.  Reinforce their decision with Good News Stories relating to and supporting their purchase.

There are certainly additional ways to reinforce their decision… I’d love to hear your ideas.

Let’s be sure that our Purchaser’s Butterflies are Flying in Formation! 

…By keeping them In-Formed!


2 thoughts on “Butterflies In Formation

  1. Steve,

    So true.

    I guess the best response I have is not to say “follow up until closing” that is what we are doing but the better concept is – You built a Relationship to get the contract. You must continue building and nurturing that relationship between contract, closing and beyond.

    I don’t think you should become personal friends with your clients (in fact I think it is a big no no)but I do think you should consider it a “social business relationship” I think Bob Schultz has a saying very similar so my idea may be stolen.

    Just this past weekend – I stopped by to check on a closed customer who had been a bit of a problem- they said I was welcome anytime and were so happy with the way I and the builder had handled everything.

    This week I had a customer who had a small issue with her home only a few days after closing. I troubleshooted it over the telephone and had her check the problem before referring to warranty. It worked – I am her hero because I fixed her house over the phone!

    These were not my clients but those of selling agents (I was the listing agent representing the builder). But I think they may remember me more than THEIR agent when they look back on the home purchase.


    1. stevemcauliffe

      Thanks Kevin,
      So true about crossing the customer-friendship line–I like your “social business relationship” attitude. It is obvious that you care about your customers by taking your service beyond closing… you are one of the few who get it.


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