Good Design

I had the good fortune of recently attending a lecture given by Yann Weymouth, the architect who designed the new Salvador Dali Museum scheduled to open 1/1/11 here in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His presentation was very engaging and I look forward to sharing his vision and design philosophy with you later.

But for now, I’d like to share my thoughts about our design approach to the buildings and communities we build.

Good design is much more than simply an outward appearance.  It comes from a creative understanding that takes into account many disciplines… buyer profile, landscape, livability, function, pedestrian experience, cityscape and operational efficiency.  It is an anticipation of user needs and evolving ideas, and uses storytelling to bring these ideas to life.

Good design is the marriage of place and space, and it becomes both a physical and emotional presentation.  For instance when planning our Ovation community we were careful to balance the design both from the outside-in as well as the inside-out, thus contributing to the Beach Drive neighborhood as well as providing an optimal floorplan and view orientation for the homeowner.

People tend to think of design as good art, good visual language… true, but… good design also has to do with systems—allowing things to operate more efficiently, smoothly and comfortably for the end user.

Our homeowners appreciate good design!  They may not always specifically identify with what makes it good… they just know it feels better.  There is a visceral (emotional) connection.  And, good value is enhanced when you provide a great experience.


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