Public Art Unveiled at Ovation

With Ovation having opened its doors just a few weeks ago, JMC Communities set its signature public art sculpture in place yesterday morning.  Set along broad sidewalks interspersed with various sized pavers and mature Medjool date palms, the sculpture is a handsome addition to the city’s commitment to a sophisticated pedestrian experience.

"O Wave" Created by Gordon Huether
"O Wave" Created by Gordon Huether

The unveiling took place at 9:30AM in front of City officials and administrators, Ovation/JMC development team members, homeowners and friends.  Artist Gordon Huether was present to share his inspiration and vision for “O Wave.”

At once substantial and ethereal, the 12-foot-diameter sculpture conveys a strong sense of movement – a wave turning in on its self to create an abstracted “O” for Ovation. The sculpture rests on a 4-foot-tall plinth clad in polished black granite, boosting the piece’s total height to 16 feet.

“O Wave” itself is clad in stainless steel, with dichroic glass pieces inset along its length. The rich, opulent and intense colors of the glass suggest dramatic Gulf sunsets and vary according to the viewer’s angle of vision. In direct sunlight, color projects onto adjacent surfaces. The glass is installed as overlapping fins reminiscent of the scales of a fish.

With curves that evoke nearby waters and Ovation’s own undulating lines, glass that simultaneously transmits and reflects light, and reflective surfaces that capture ambient activity of nearby trees, sky and passersby, the fixed sculpture takes on a distinct animated character — creating what the artist describes as a “passively kinetic sculpture.”

Headquartered in Napa, Calif., Huether has been creating large-scale public projects, residential commissions and fine art for more than 25 years.  Gordon has developed an innate sensitivity to and mastery of a variety of media. Inspired by material qualities and how they affect an environment.

The unveiling heralds other Ovation-commissioned art for community spaces inside.

Three Susan Gott Sculptures and Barbara Sorensen Boat (right)
Three Susan Gott Sculptures and Barbara Sorensen Boat (right)

Winter Park sculptor and printmaker Barbara Sorensen is best known for her large-scale geological forms in clay, resins and metals. While her commissioned work for Ovation – a two-part piece titled “Boats” — is of a more modest size, it is no less monumental. The highly textured forms, each measuring about 4½ feet by 2 feet by 18 inches tall, will be suspended above two elliptical chests lighted from beneath, creating the appearance of moonlight glancing off water – or perhaps phosphorescence commonly seen on the ocean at night.

Also located in the main lobby, Tampa artist Susan Gott’s six life-size figurative sculptures of translucent cast glass are layered with color, carvings, lines and symbols to create forms of captivating depth and detail. The pieces, set in niches on facing walls in the lobby, reflect Gott’s interest in mythological imagery, symbolism, and traditions from historic and ancient cultures. 

Serving as backdrop for these and other artists’ works are the clean, uncluttered lines of Ovation itself. Designed by Tampa architect Al Santiesteban of Smith Santiesteban Allen Architects Inc., plus finishes and furniture by Godfrey Design, Inc., the building’s contemporary setting blends with St. Petersburg’s eclectic flavor, while graceful curvilinear lines ease the impressive silhouette into the cityscape.  Private tours are available by calling 727-898-1180.


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