Home is Where the Heart Is

Since when is buying a new home a business decision?  Oh, sure if you’re a flippin’ investor, you’ll likely treat the experience differently. But what about the home you plan to live in?  Raise a family in?  Retire in? 

While visiting a sales center the other day, I heard of a buyer expressing that they can’t go through with their purchase because it isn’t a good business decision.  Huh??  How ridiculous of them to risk losing the home of their dreams because they think the market may inch a tad lower.

Most all projections show that prices have for the most part bottomed out… interest rates are only going to go up—a one point rise can significantly affect the amount of home you can afford.  It’s your timetable, not the media’s!  When the media says it’s time to buy, it will be too late.

This is your home!  It is a personal investment in your happiness, family, future memories… do you want to put all that on hold??  You may buy a home with your head but you justify it with your heart.  A business decision… Poppycock!


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