Ovation Receives Certificate of Occupancy

GREAT NEWS!!!  After two and a half years of meticulous preparations – and an intense concentration in the last two months –JMC Communities’  Ovation was awarded its Certificate of Occupancy (CO) yesterday.

A CO is a legal document signed by the City’s building official that declares a building safe to occupy; its focus is on code compliance and life safety. Buildings must meet rigorous standards in three major areas: building, fire and engineering. Inspections may take from four to six weeks to get through all areas.

Ovation on Beach Drive, Center Stage Downtown St. Petersburg
Ovation on Beach Drive, Center Stage Downtown St. Petersburg

A project like Ovation is extremely complicated and massive in its scope of basic design and safety systems and began the inspection process many weeks ago, with a different area being inspected (or prepped) each day.

While the inspections can heighten pressure and add to last-minute complexities, they’re nothing JMC hasn’t completed (with flying colors) many times in the past 31 years. There’s also great satisfaction in seeing it all come together. 

“Words like fun, joy, relief and great pride surround the issuance of a CO,” says project manager Steve Coppins. “And, while we’re definitely celebrating the CO, we’ll still be nose-to-grindstone until every detail is complete.

“The CO allows us to occupy Ovation,” he continues, “but our focus post-CO will be to ensure it is a building ready to be lived in – punched out, clean, secure and 100-percent functional from an operational standpoint. And we’re really enjoying sharing all the details of these extraordinary homes with the soon-to-be residents.”

Located on prestigious Beach Drive and 2nd Avenue NE overlooking downtown St. Petersburg’s waterfront, Ovation is JMC Communities’ twelfth condominium development in Pinellas County.


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