Think The Customer Ahead…

Why is so much attention given to the past?  If we are focusing on our core values and ways to systematically improve the way we do business by staying current and envisioning the future, we will succeed.  Sure, we can give a respectful nod to data and trends, but we can’t let them govern our decisions.  

Great companies have Great people!  These people are as good as they have ever been—even better.  Trust, communicate and seek out their experience and expertise… they are a company’s greatest asset.  This is an opportune time to Make a Difference.

To quickly summarize Mark Penn’s Microtrends… We can’t understand our market any more in terms of “universal experiences.”  In our current “splintered society”, to operate successfully, we need to understand the intense identity groups that are growing and moving, fast and furious in crisscrossing directions.

Are you roll-playing “what if” exercises? Helping your guests envision where they will be in a few years?  Establish a portfolio of ideas and insights that will help them envision their lifestyle change.

Strong brands are resilient are you?


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