Stories… it’s how you keep people belonging, always.

 I finally got around to watching the movie “Australia” (gotta love Netflix) the other night.  A great film and a terrific story.

Speaking of Story, one of the underlying themes is Story and Song.  Taking place in Australia (duh), at the advent of the Second World War, we gain interesting insight into the Aboriginal Australia’s indigenous people whose history spans over 50,000 years and whose stories and songs provide us with an exceptional way of appreciating their spirituality and cragginess.

Aboriginal knowledge is spiritual. Its essence connects people with their land through art, dance, music, secret stories and ritual journeys into the mysteries known as the Dreamtime, when ancestral spirits came to Earth and created all things.

At the end of the movie, the young actor, played magnificently by Brandon Walters (Nullah), stated, “Stories… it’s how you keep people belonging, always.”

OK, let’s carry this over to basic marketing. Explanatory talk and statistics appeal to the intellect, but people aren’t inspired by reason alone.  On the other hand, compelling stories communicate lots of information while also appealing to our emotions, ensuring that we not only listen, but get engaged and inspired.  Successful story-telling brings you to the edge of your seat.  Think: Engagement, Enrichment, Experiential!

Storytelling can be extremely effective at simplifying complexities. It can help us reveal and assess the assumptions, values and beliefs behind new ideas and connect them to our experience. Think how strong it is to share a story about a like-minded individual who shares similar ideals.  We shouldn’t worry so much about selling a product, but more about the passion that accompanies every experience with that product.

Stories are easy, fun to tell and simple to remember. Therefore, they are easily viral. A good leader can send a great story on its way and watch it take on a life of its own. As it does so, it creates a community. –Hey Seth (Godin) is that kinda like a Tribe?

Stories are the substance of interaction and a vehicle for ideology.  How does your story embody your ideology?


One thought on “Stories… it’s how you keep people belonging, always.

  1. I completely agree. So many companies just want to push their message out there and they forget that it isn’t about THEM–it IS about their potential customer. Tell the story, make it meaningful–add value!

    As always, excellent analogy Steve.


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