Are You A Sales Professional or A Sales Amateur?

I was talking to a good friend last evening at her niece’s high school graduation party.  She was expounding on her long (chosen) work hours and little (chosen) amount of personal time.  I responded with one word… Balance!

Our present economic conundrum has put a lot of pressure on us to succeed and the natural thought process of accomplishing this has pressured us to work harder and longer.  True professionals understand this and recognize that yes; we need to work smarter, but not longer at the expense of losing balance.

You are either a PRO-former or a non-performer.

Do you champion your cause both personally and professionally?  Do you ask yourself, how can I be more successful?  Success is a two-way street… it comes with an understanding of how to properly prioritize your life’s goals and make sure you have professional and personal balance.

It takes Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits

As John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” 

  • Attend one sales seminar each quarter
  • Read at least one book each month
  • Observe people and get to know them better
  • Listen to two self-improvement, motivational, etc. tapes each month
  • Talk to peers who are at least equal and ideally more successful than you

Sales amateurs don’t like to set goals for fear of failure.  Earl Nightingale supports by saying, “People have little trouble achieving the goals they set.  They have great trouble setting them.”

Be Professionally Active:  Pro-activity (set goals).

How many…

  • Face to Face visits daily
  • Hand written notes daily
  • Telephone calls daily
  • Preprinted letters/cards daily
  • Personal interest activities weekly
  • Professional interest activities weekly

Now Humanize the experience

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Realize that you and they are created in God’s image
  • Be a humanitarian not a sales person
  • Spend meaningful time with friends and loved-ones
  • Focus on the process… goals will take care of themselves
  • Don’t be afraid to slow down a little

Believe in yourself 100%… There is no one better!!!


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