Selling In Today’s Market (Part 1) –Keep Learning

Selling In Today’s Market–Keep Learning

This downturn has been going on for quite sometime now, there is a hint of recovery optimism… we’ll see.  However, as we begin the long road back to normality, let’s think about a few things to help us be out in front when the market really turns.

Do you have a Realistic Mental Attitude?  An attitude of hunger… a hunger to learn?  Are you consistently developing new talents and abilities?  Are you 100% in control of your attitude in spite of wavering emotions as a result of today’s economic climate?

Your goal should be to provide the closest approximation to your guest’s (I’m using the word guest in place of prospect, potential buyer, etc.) wants and needs at the best possible price (win/win), while still being perceived as best quality when compared to the competition or their buying alternatives.

Let’s combine some of the old proven approaches to selling with recognition of the shift in buyer attitudes over the past couple of years.  “It’s what you learn AFTER you know it all that counts!!” -John Wooden.  Prepare yourself for the unexpected. 

Successful salespeople have remained successful over the years by evolving and adapting to change.  In today’s case, as buyer habits change, smart salespeople learn to do business in new ways. 

The days of “Meet”, “Greet” & “Qualify” are behind us!   Now we need to respond to the prospect’s new mantra which takes the approach of, Look… Compare… Contrast… Question… Eliminate.  It is our responsibility to AVOID Elimination.  It’s an attitude that has been taking place for a couple of years now, meaning, your guests are looking to exclude rather than include as their first step in the home buying process.  This is especially true when realizing that many of your guests have already learned about your community/product from the website… and if that is the case, and they are now visiting, your discovery process just became more targeted.

For our market (affluent), the prospect’s ultimate luxury is Time.  Time well spent will remain the ultimate goal.  It goes beyond finding balance in life or connecting with loved ones.  Tying your brand to quality time is a concept with huge implications.  Our market is gravitating more toward experience than assets or goods. 

Reinvent the shopping experience by focusing on the customer—what  they desire and want in the shopping experience.  As Pam Danziger points out, Shoppers today demand more…those of you who offer them a truly innovative alternative with a great product at a reasonable price and a fun shopping environment—will be successful.

Our priority is should be to find ways your community/product can be viewed as adding to my Life Experience in the minds of your guests.  This reward of time well spent, will remain a potent promise even when the economy turns positive.

See Part 2:  The Sales Demonstration Process


3 thoughts on “Selling In Today’s Market (Part 1) –Keep Learning

  1. Time is something we can’t buy or get back. It’s so important to get to know our guests so that we can minimize their time spent and properties looked at, by preselecting what will meet their needs.


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