Show Respect (more than “just a little bit”)

Welcome to my first blog… I want to lead with an important thought on how we, both as marketers and individuals, need to re-examine how we communicate.  I read an article in BrandWeek a couple of months ago discussing the need to show more Respect to our customers in the way we present our marketing messages.  

In these challenging economic times, the “Buy Now You Knucklehead” ads, that don’t provide sound reasoning or benefits, are running wild.  Pushing unwanted messages to the market is foolish.  It’s disruptive and inconsiderate. Our buyers are too smart for that… they get it!! 

We need to return to the core intention of truly great marketing–building a respectful relationship between us and our customers.  By holding ourselves above the rest, we are exhibiting Respectful Marketing.  Be Relevant.  Appealing to the human needs of our customers and articulating our benefits in a proper way, will serve to create more loyalty and respect towards our brand.

When we have the good fortune of meeting face to face with our customers, be respectful of their time, needs and interests. 

And, this is a time to extend the respect we give each other, as well… Let’s never loose sight of the GOLDEN RULE.   “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


5 thoughts on “Show Respect (more than “just a little bit”)

  1. Good post! I have just begun reading How Customers Think by Gerald Zaltman. Last night I underlined this sentence: “A customer-centric firms avoids…the notion that customers are passive and must be aggressively sold rather than skillfully heard.”

    Respect comes from a Latin word meaning “to look back.” I love the idea of “paying respect” — the notion that respect is the currency of relationships.


  2. Congratulations on your new blog, Steve. Respect is certainly the basis – and for all the years I’ve known JMC they have respected their employees, their agents, their customers, and the public. It pays.


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